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The Residential Lift Source for Stairlifts, Homelifts and Vertical Platform Lifts to make homes more accessible to all floors.
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The Residential Lift Source is a FREE resource for consumers looking for different Stairlifts, Homelifts and Vertical Platform Lifts (VPL). We have Stairlifts and Homelift guides that will educate and explain the different types, and listing of manufacturers in one place with easy downloads for brochures. Also features a dealer locator that you can sort for Stairlifts and Homelifts so you can narrow down your sources quickly. This site is kept up and news from the lift industry as well.

Hair Regrowth for Men
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Regenepure Precision minoxidil sprays intended for use in the treatment of androgenic alopecia, or male pattern baldness. The 5% minoxidil formula is the highest grade of minoxidil solution available over the counter, and is FDA-approved for use by men only.

Luxury Male Grooming Products
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We offer only the finest men’s grooming and care products available. You will find the best Men\'s anti aging, grooming, shaving, wellness and, hair loss products.

Ph Balance and Graceful Aging
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In order to achieve graceful aging, balancing your Ph has to be the main goal. Learn more about how eating more alkaline foods, drinking plenty of ionized alkaline water and wearing negative ion clothing can help you to maintain the proper pH level.